Use Virtual Training to Motivate Affiliates

by Lindsey Winsemius - Posted 1 year ago

In my last article, I talked about how you can use email to motivate your affiliates.

Keeping your affiliates excited, empowered, and supported is crucial to your affiliate business success. 

Businesses from many industries are increasingly seeing the value of offering training and support through a virtual learning system.

Our Affiliate Marketing software includes the option of ApogeeAcademy, our online learning software. We have seen how beneficial it can be for affiliate businesses to include a basic content library, or even a complete virtual academy for their affiliates.

What is virtual learning?

Virtual Training, Virtual Learning, or Learning Management Software (LMS) are all phrases used to describe the ability to offer online multimedia courses for employees or subscribers.

For Affiliate Marketers, offering online training through your marketing software can be a major way to motivate affiliates and improve their conversion rates.

3 Ways to Use a Virtual Training System to boost affiliate performance:

1. Affiliate Training

Not all affiliates are natural marketers. Offering training videos or articles for your affiliates will help bolster their performance.

What kind of training videos can you offer?

Basic marketing lessons.

Some affiliates are natural marketers, but others might need some help. And everyone can benefit from tips and new about how to better promote products online or at events.

You can create these videos or articles yourself, or source them from the Internet (just make sure to give credit to the original creator). 

Adding regular lessons for affiliates to continue improving their marketing or expanding their knowledge to reach new audiences will help them send more customers to your products.

Affiliates that feel supported and empowered will perform better overall, and feel more loyalty to your brand. This is a win-win for both parties.
Product information.

Teach your affiliates about your product. Help them understand the unique selling proposition and how to present it to customers. The more educated they are on your product or service, the easier it will be for them to promote it to their audience.

2. Motivate Affiliates

The Virtual Academy can also be a place to include motivational videos or articles.

Stories from Company Leaders

Create videos of leaders from your brand speaking at events, or encourage them to write a personal story for affiliates to view. This will help affiliates feel like part of a community, and also help motivate them.

Highlight success stories of top affiliates. This will help new or less active affiliates learn the potential of actively promoting your brand, and help them learn more about becoming a top affiliate themselves.

You can also create or source general motivation videos. Encourage good habits, healthy lifestyles, and the power of positive thinking as part of being a successful affiliate.

Your affiliates can use this motivational content to keep them excited about your brand, and it will also give your platform more value. Keep them coming back to your business and create loyalty by offering them more than just commissions.

3. Affiliate Support

When an affiliate gets stuck trying to use the marketing tools you provide through your affiliate software, like TitanAFFILIATE, you can direct them to how-to videos that can show them the process. How to use their landing pages, what different tags mean in their CRM, and more.
By having these resources available, you can save time for them and your staff. 

As an administrator, you will be able to see reports on what lessons are being viewed and by whom. This will help you understand what kind of content to create to continue motivating your affiliates, or what areas of your system or products affiliates might have the most questions about.

An online training system will make your affiliates feel supported, like part of a community, and offer a value they might not get with other brands.

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